Stanchi Studio Legale grew out of the tradition established by lawyers Vincenzo and Romolo Stanchi who, from the late 1950s, were among the recognized architects of modern employment law as it stands today, in 1975 founding their firm that quickly established itself as one of the centers of excellence dealing with employment matters in Italy.

This tradition – of on-going study, comparing against the complexities of business organizations, attention to the evolution of socio-economic models, search for legal solutions sensitive to the equilibria inherent in employment law – is now carried forward by all the members of the firm in an agile and efficient organization that makes use of advanced technological solutions.

Agility ensures rapid response to client needs.

Efficiency means optimising the use of resources and costs.

Thus, we made the choice to work, if necessary, through a consolidated network of professionals that ensures a widespread presence all over the country and a comprehensive range of skills for interdisciplinary aspects where required.






These are the characteristics of an approach to the profession which is mindful of the need to be integrated in the organizational processes and to support the decision-making processes of our clients in a world in constant evolution.


We are present all over Italy through a reliable network of professionals, employment law experts, and local lawyers; a consolidated, modern and efficient nexus which ensures our clients receive dynamic, flexible and competitive service.

Our network is completed by professionals who are outstanding specialists in their respective technical areas of expertise or in other branches of law.

This is an alternative and consistent way to address the current need for specialist skills that ensures that we provide the highest standards of assistance whenever required for interdisciplinary aspects.

Investigation activities undertaken to protect the company, its assets and know-how, as well as technical support in complex disputes for damages concerning health or data protection are key features for success and require a consolidated capacity for integration between lawyers and technicians.